Know what’s better than telling someone you can accomplish a task well?

Having someone else say it!

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"I worked with Geoff for over 3 years and came to depend on him for specific key contributions to many marketing deliverables. Geoff’s disciplined commitment to accuracy, technical detail, dedication to quality, problem solving, time saving practices, adherence to and application of legal policies, and driving measurable results were constant characteristics of his contributions to our team’s successes. Geoff is quick to ramp up to new directives and works seamlessly with multiple teams, working effectively independently and in group settings. He is adept at prioritizing multiple tasks and at delivering content on time in fast-paced and high-demand environments. He asks insightful questions with the objective of being thorough. Geoff is someone you can go to in a pinch and who will deliver."

Kathleen Ellertson, Data Center / HPC Marketing Manager, Intel SSG-DRD  Thanks, Kathleen!

"Geoff is enthusiastic and a great team player. He has a strong work ethic, is detail oriented and gets results. Geoff understood the broader objective and raised issues (even outside his scope) in a timely manner to ensure that they were resolved. It was great to have Geoff as part of our team."

Kris Kolady, Marketing Director, Intel SSG-DRD  Thanks, Kris!

"I've had the pleasure of working with Geoffrey for a couple of years in his role as a key technical marketing reviewer for content my agency (MESH Communications Group, Inc.) produces for Intel. As a reviewer, his feedback is always actionable and specific, which makes a technical communications agency's job more efficient. In addition to being highly proficient with technology, Geoffrey is also a delightful team member. He's focused, positive, and an essential contributor for marketing collateral projects." 

Patti Loverink, President, MESH Group  Thanks, Patti!

"I have engaged Geoff''s services for several years in a technical editing role. He has been an exemplary contributor to the success of our marketing program; he's intelligent, responsive, and responsible. He's not afraid to ask questions and he's very focused on delivering the best possible end result. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a technical writer and editor."

Emily Hutson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, AI Products Group, Intel  Thanks, Emily!

"Geoffrey is a high-quality, detail-focused technical writer who provided superb document compliance editing during the time I worked with him. He is confident is his knowledge, ramps readily to new document requirements, and was a valuable asset to our organization."

Steven Cook, Technical Marketing Engineer, Data Center Group, Intel  Thanks, Steven!

Geoff and I worked together almost daily for three years on the Intel® Enabled Solutions Acceleration Alliance website. He always comes to the table with fresh ideas on how to improve the user experience and metrics, and has been a very collaborative partner on a fairly complex, technical, and dynamic website. I have enjoyed working with him and can highly recommend him.
Ian Chamberlain, Dachis Group  Thanks, Ian!

Geoff helped develop and edit technical installation guides for the Intel® Enabled Server Acceleration Alliance. Geoff stepped in at a particularly busy time for the program and was able to get up to speed and develop many technical and complicated documents quickly. The Intel ESAA team takes considerable pride in quality engineering and documentation. Geoff definitely made contributions in that regard with careful editing and reviews.
Richard Punches, Operations Manager, Intel® ESAA program  Thanks, Richard!

Geoff Hetrick has provided a valuable service in helping RE/MAX equity group agents personalize their websites. He has consistently helped our agents integrate their websites with their marketing and business plans by placing a premium on helping them succeed in their businesses - not just with the project he has been contacted to complete. His personalized service and partnership attitude along with his skills and experience have made a measurable difference in agents' success in using their websites to promote their businesses and serve their own clients.
Kris Keener, Publications and Web Coordinator, RE/MAX equity group, inc.  Thanks, Kris!

Geoff Hetrick has been an excellent addition to my team and had filled a previously unfillable gap in my staff. Netropole Inc. develops marketing and E-Commerce websites for businesses small and large in the northwest. I have come to rely on Geoff to provide me with an outsider’s perspective when creating or reworking content and messaging for our projects. He has exceeded my expectations on all of the projects that we have worked on together, delivering crisp, meaningful, and to the point content that has vastly increased the clarity and punch of our client’s messages. Geoff takes the time to really understand the company, target market, and competitive landscape before he types a word, and this diligence has paid great dividends for both Netropole and our clients. I wholeheartedly recommend him.
Dave Johnson, Owner, Netropole Inc.  Thanks, Dave!